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Gabriela Lara
MODERATOR Julio César Pineda Diplomat and internationalist VENEZUELA
Mensaje William Soto
Very good morning, cordial greetings to the head table, authorities, and the public present within the framework of the three tables that make up this Diplomatic, Parliamentary, and Political...
Message from the Executive President of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, William Soto, at the DPP Session of CUMIPAZ 2017.
Panama | access_time October 18 2017
The initiative was presented to diplomats, parliamentarians and politicians from different countries, during the DPP Session of CUMIPAZ 2017-Panama.
Panama | access_time October 17 2017
Panama | access_time October 17 2017
Yanibel Ábrego Smith
Goodnight. Music is the best instrument to pay homage to peace, a language that does not need translation and it is like a balm for the spirit.
 The GEAP Symphony Orchestra presented an international repertoire at the headquarters of the National Assembly of Deputies of Panama.
The "Council of Elders of the 21st Century" was born with the aim of contributing to the transmission of values of the elderly.
 Panel 5 of the CSR Session of CUMIPAZ 2017 highlighted the theme of partnerships for the achievement of sustainable development and for peacebuilding.
Sustainability experts spoke about the impact of environmental consumption during the fourth table of the CUMIPAZ CSR Session.