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Argentina | access_time April 30 2017
1303 people donated the sap of life in the blood drive organized by the GEAP; this action stocks the blood banks in Argentina.
The photo gallery "The Holocaust", that took place at UNNE, counted with the presence of government authorities, students and GEAP.
Argentina | access_time April 24 2017
La comunidad Mapuche efectuó diversas actividades para celebrar el 10° aniversario del grupo Voces Originarias, donde asistió la EMAP.
Argentina | access_time March 15 2017
The 5th Regional Encounter was held in Jujuy with the presence of 81 communities from 11 indigenous people.
Argentina | access_time March 12 2017
In Argentina, indigenous people from Chaco, Formosa and Misiones attended the 4th Regional Encounter of the Children of Mother Earth.
Argentina | access_time March 03 2017
feria ambiental
More than 350 people visited the Fair for the Peace of Mother Earth, which raised awareness in the citizens on the care and preservation of wildlife.