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I think there are just a few comments to make about such an excellent discussion, which we have heard about on several occasions. Anyway, I believe that the final conclusion is, as he said, and as...
Dr. Luis Gabriel Miranda Buelvas President of the Supreme Court Colombia   Opening of the Forum
Dr. Camilo Montoya Reyes Prosecutor before the Superior Tribunal of Bogota, Colombia Colombia    Opening of the Forum
Dr. William Soto Santiago Global Ambassador Puerto Rico   Opening Speech
In Bogota the "Justice for Peace" International Judicial Forum "New Proposals for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide," was inaugurated, with the objective to generate...
Proposals that seek to oppose this crime against humanity at an international level will come from Colombia.   Bogota, Colombia.
Colombia | access_time April 30 2014
A record of one hundred and ten (1110) blood units were gathered in Cartagena de Indias during the 3rd International Blood Donation Marathon, carried out during April in different places of the...