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  The Mayor's Office of La Mesa and the GEAP, inaugurate the first Historical Memory Center with the purpose of teaching present and future generations
More than 1,100 Colombian Army soldiers attended the 3rd National Judicial Forum at the headquarters of the Centro de Educación Militar in Bogotá, sponsored by the Global...
It takes an education for peace in the reconciliation process. In this way, opportunities for discussion and reflection are opened in the Second National Judicial Forum "...
The peace dialogues that are currently going under way in the Colombian nation are an example for other nations of the world. That peace process deserves our support and contribution in the search...
On March 12, the Educational Institution Esteban Ochoa, welcomed the GEAP which was presenting the forum: “Educating to Remember, The Holocaust, Paradigm of Genocide”.
Agreements with private companies increased the number of donors COLOMBIA REACHED 30.334 EFFECTIVE DONATIONS IN THE 4TH INTERNATIONAL MARATHON “LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD”