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Alumnos sensibilizados.
During the first quarter of 2018, the GEAP developed educational workshops in schools in El Salvador.
More than 400 students from different institutions in El Salvador attend the educational workshops given by the GEAP.
Unidades de sangre.
The GEAP joins the celebration of the 10th International Marathon "Life is in the Blood - Donating the Sap of Life".
Coordinador EMAP
Donation day November 23 and 30, with the blood bank of the hospital "Dr. Jorge Mazzini Villacorta "in Sonsonate, El Salvador.
El Salvador | access_time November 30 2017
Inhabitants of Ilopango and Sonsonate participated in the conferences coordinated by the GEAP with health centers in El Salvador.
El Salvador | access_time November 24 2017
Stand informativo.
Campaigns of the GEAP in the 10th international blood drive marathon and through PEC - VIDA in October and November
El Salvador | access_time November 24 2017
In October and November, the GEAP visited several ISNA sites on the importance of promoting a blood donation culture.
Promoviendo valores.
The environmental fair for the peace of Mother Earth was held, along with the 5R Club in the School Center "Caserío Barra Salada".
El Salvador | access_time October 11 2017
The 5R Club promoted the recognition of Mother Earth as a living being subject of rights to the student community.
El Salvador | access_time September 17 2017
Participación en campaña
Through the collection, selection and transport of garbage The volunteers celebrated this day, restoring El Salvador's beaches.
El Salvador | access_time September 17 2017
To sensitize and promote in the communities the importance of taking care of  beaches and rivers, the GEAP carried out cleaning days.