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Venezuela | access_time April 06 2018
The activity that was carried out in order to inform citizens about the environmental problems that affect Mother Earth.
Alumnos sensibilizados.
During the first quarter of 2018, the GEAP developed educational workshops in schools in El Salvador.
Campaña de invitación
In conjunction with Health Institutions in Mendoza, Olavarría, and Córdoba, events were held during March to disseminate the Program "Life is in the Blood"
Unidades de sangre.
The GEAP joins the celebration of the 10th International Marathon "Life is in the Blood - Donating the Sap of Life".
Argentina | access_time March 25 2018
especies autóctonas
150 trees of native species were planted by the Guardians of the Peace of Mother Earth and officials from the Green District of the San Martin Urban Nature Reserve and Apex America.
Puerto Rico | access_time March 24 2018
Presentación teatral
  With activities such as information modules and reforestation activities, the GEAP carried out this celebration successfully.
Chile | access_time March 24 2018
Concientización a niñez.
Activists in Chile used their creativity to carry out the celebration of Earth Hour.
Venezuela | access_time March 24 2018
Activistas de Carabobo.
Activists in Merida, Tachira, Carabobo among the cities that celebrated Earth Hour
Argentina | access_time March 24 2018
Activistas apagón