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Mexico | access_time February 24 2018
UFM Foro
Mexico | access_time February 23 2018
Donación en universidad
650 people sensitized was the result of the activity carried out under the Integral Program In the blood is life.
Dr. Francisco Guerra
At the Ibero-American Summit, activists for peace installed two informative modules to present GEAP programs.
Asistentes al evento.
  More than 200 people attend the National Judicial Forum in Mexico: Human Dignity, Presumption of Innocence and Human Rights.
Lugar del evento.
In the Congress of Veracruz, ALIUP signed a collaboration agreement with educational institutions in the region.
Acuerdo universitario.
The UT Cancún and the Directorate of Technological Education of Veracruz signed the collaboration agreement. Academic authorities participated.
Argentina | access_time February 05 2018
jornada de donación
El Centro Regional de Hemoterapia de la ciudad de Mendoza en conjunto con la EMAP captó la donación de sangre de 59 donantes voluntarios.
encendido velas
During this act, the commemorative plaque of survivors Edgar Wildfeuer and Ceslada Eisen de Keselman were exhibited.