New public policies for the construction of world peace

Guatemala - Thursday, 04/10/2018

CUMIPAZ 2018 in the Diplomatic Session developed topics on public policy in defense of Human Rights and Mother Earth.

Political Panel: Integration and international cooperation among the States

Guatemala - Thursday, 04/10/2018

International authorities presented their presentations for the welfare and happiness of the human family.

Contribution of parliamentarians to guarantee Human Rights

Guatemala - Thursday, 04/10/2018

Parliamentarians meet in the Political Session of the CUMIPAZ Guatemala 2018, to provide actions that guarantee the fulfillment of Human Rights in the nations.

President of the Congress Alvaro Arzú: Justice is unthinkable without peace

Guatemala - Thursday, 04/10/2018

The president of the Guatemalan Congress, Alvaro Arzú Escobar, participated in the Diplomatic, Polictand Parliamentary Session of the Peace Integration Summit (CUMIPAZ 2018), where he presented the...

CUMIPAZ 2018 │The OAS continental cohesion for universal peace

Guatemala - Thursday, 04/10/2018

James Lambert, at CUMIPAZ 2018, spoke on Governance and co-responsibility: The OAS as a factor of continental cohesion.

"We need an inclusive policy with correct decisions", Soto

Guatemala - Thursday, 04/10/2018

At the opening of the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session, Soto raised the need for global and inclusive governance for peace.

Diplomatic, Policy and Parliamentary Session in CUMIPAZ 2018 begins

- Thursday, 04/10/2018

the session was attended by Ambassador James Lambert, secretary of hemispheric affairs of the OAS.

Day 4: Politicians and diplomats will discuss governance for peace

Guatemala - Thursday, 04/10/2018

Discussion of public policies and the cooperation of the regional blocs in the defense of human rights and that of Mother Earth in CUMIPAZ

Power that moves the world: Music impacts hearts in CUMIPAZ 2018

Guatemala - Wednesday, 03/10/2018

A Peace Integration Symphonic Concert was presented as part of the events of CUMIPAZ 2018 in Guatemala.