1st Panel of experts; The educational system must be oriented towards peace

Guatemala - Wednesday, 03/10/2018

Academics, developing themes on integral peace, participated in the Panel of Experts of the Educational Session of CUMIPAZ 2018.

Education is an instrument for the construction of peace

Guatemala - Wednesday, 03/10/2018

The Educational Session presents proposals on integral education for the improvement, peace and happiness of the human being.

Education is a means to live in peace, harmony and happiness

Guatemala - Wednesday, 03/10/2018

The Minister of Education of the Republic of Guatemala opened the Educational Session, at the Peace Integration Summit, CUMIPAZ 2018

Soto: An education that recognizes human integrity is required

Guatemala - Wednesday, 03/10/2018

Before representatives of organizations related to education and public policies, and universities, William Soto presented  the educational session.

Digital transformation as positive leverage for humanity

Guatemala - Wednesday, 03/10/2018

Cathy Cavanaugh participated in the Educational Session of CUMIPAZ 2018 on Digital Transformation and the role of teachers.

Guatemala | Ministry of Education receives CUMIPAZ 2018

Guatemala - Tuesday, 02/10/2018

Cultural groups highlighted Latin American folklore before national and international academic authorities.

For a sustainable world: alliances and established businesses

Guatemala - Tuesday, 02/10/2018

In the framework of CUMIPAZ, manifestos and alliances were signed by businessmen in the Session of Corporate Social Responsibility  

Workshop I Form entrepreneurs with integral leadership

Guatemala - Tuesday, 02/10/2018

The workshop was held to train entrepreneurs to achieve a leadership that allows them to establish businesses with ethical principles.