A step towards the constitution of the rights of Mother Earth

Guatemala - Tuesday, 02/10/2018

Sustainable business models were presented at the CSR Session for Sustainable Development of the CUMIPAZ 2018

Proposal of actions to stop the causes of climate change

Guatemala - Tuesday, 02/10/2018

The effects of climate change was the central theme of Nobel Pachauri, conference at the Science Session of CUMIPAZ 2018.

CSR: Productivity of companies with positive environmental impact

Guatemala - Tuesday, 02/10/2018

CUMIPAZ 2018 presented two cases of successful corporate productivity with corporate social responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility is introduced in the legal framework

Guatemala - Tuesday, 02/10/2018

Eli Bukspan, member of the public committee that oversees the RSE index on the Tel Aviv stock exchange, gave a presentation on the legal framework within Corporate Social Responsibility, at CUMIPAZ...

Circular economy: Reduction of consumption for sustainable development

Guatemala - Tuesday, 02/10/2018

In CUMIPAZ 2018, Kenneth Alston, talks about circular economy for the benefit of sustainable companies and ecosystems.

Nestlé exposes the shared value in CUMIPAZ 2018

Guatemala - Tuesday, 02/10/2018

Nestlé participa en el segundo día de la CUMIPAZ Guatemala 2018, con una ponencia sobre los aportes hechos para el bienestar, superación, felicidad y paz de Guatemala  

CSR Session is focused on respect for human dignity

Guatemala - Tuesday, 02/10/2018

The CSR session, as a space of awareness, aimed at companies so that they will be agents of contribution to the welfare and improvement of all human beings.

"Business sector has the ability to change the world" said Dr. Soto

Guatemala - Tuesday, 02/10/2018

William Soto, director of CUMIPAZ, presented the work vision of the Corporate Social Responsibility Session for Sustainable Development

Zarazua: “Social responsibility is everyone’s task”

Guatemala - Tuesday, 02/10/2018

sustainable development is one of the five priorities of the general policy of the Government of the President of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales.