Governors of Paraguay issue 37 resolutions for a healthy environment

Paraguay - Friday, 14/09/2018

Volunteers of the GEAP asked the Paraguayan authorities to publicly declare the recognition of Mother Earth as a living being.

Panama | Government authorities adopt environmental proposal

Panama - Wednesday, 12/09/2018

In protocol events, the GEAP received documents from government authorities in Panama.

The GEAP receives a proclamation in the USA for World Blood Donor Day

United States - Friday, 31/08/2018

  This event was held at the facilities of the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center, Blood Bank of the city of San Antonio, Texas.

Mayors of Puerto Rico sign proclamations in favor of the planet Earth

Puerto Rico - Friday, 31/08/2018

Javier García, mayor of Aguas Buenas, gave Gabriela Lara, general director of GEAP, a Proclamation that supports Mother Earth.  

Venezuela | Rulers affirm their commitment to Mother Earth

Venezuela - Friday, 31/08/2018

Governors of 12 indigenous communities spoke in favor of the Proclamation of the Constitution for the Rights of Mother Earth.

Colombia approved 180 resolutions for the protection of the environment

Colombia - Friday, 31/08/2018

Activists for peace in Colombia, presented in 96 municipalities the work carried out by the GEAP in favor of Mother Earth.

Chile | Signature of decrees promote actions in favor of the environment

Chile - Friday, 31/08/2018

The decrees were delivered to the GEAP with the purpose of supporting the proposal that promotes actions for the benefit of Mother Earth.

Honduras | The proposal of the GEAP promotes actions in civil society

Honduras - Friday, 31/08/2018

The Governorate of Tocoa and 6 mayors of Honduras undertook to promote the environmental proclamation in schools and media.